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Week 21, 2024 — Dynamic Ranking by KPIs

New Release

New Dynamic Ranking Widget

We are excited to launch the Dynamic Ranking widget!

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We are thrilled to introduce a powerful new tool to our platform, the Dynamic Ranking widget. This widget revolutionises how you compare and rank businesses or groups based on various criteria, offering you the ability to:

  • Rank Businesses or Groups: Sort and rank entities based on multiple business-oriented metrics such as Sentiment, Digital Traces Volume or Relevance.
  • Clear and Immediate Comparison: Visualise comparisons clearly and intuitively, making it easy to identify top performers and areas needing improvement.
  • Flexible Sorting Options: Choose from various sorting options to customise the ranking according to your needs.

This new feature aims to streamline your analysis and decision-making process, providing actionable insights at a glance. Watch the video tutorial for a step-by-step guide on utilising this powerful tool.

Week 21, 2024 — Digital Trace Management


New filter by language

Unlock lightning-fast market analysis with the new language filter!

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Now you can select a language from the drop-down menu to see only the corresponding digital traces, speed up your market analysis, and assign them in a click to the staff member better suited for the task


Week 19, 2024 — D / AI Semantic Rating, Cluster Focus


New Cluster Focus Section

This feature equips you with a comprehensive analysis of specific clusters (and related topics) within your digital traces, enhancing your understanding of the dynamics at play in your activities.

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Now, you can easily filter by clusters such as Cleanliness, Staff, and Atmosphere to gain deeper insights into customer feedback. Explore what your customers are saying and why they are saying it. This feature is invaluable for pinpointing strengths and weaknesses across different clusters, as outlined in our detailed topic list. It offers a seamless transition from a broad overview to the specific digital traces that inform these findings, equipping you to handle both opportunities and challenges adeptly.

Additionally, you can compare the performance of your clusters across different periods or with other clusters to gain insights and identify temporal trends.

Week 19, 2024 — Trends Fixes and UI enhancements


  1. We have resolved the issue with the trend graph's readability in the daily view.
  2. We have enhanced the trend component within the Sentiment and True Rating Index widgets.

Week 16, 2024 — D / AI Coach Beta Release

New Release

D / AI Coach Beta Release for Current Users

We are excited to announce the release of our new product for all current clients, which offers enhanced performance, an intuitive interface, deep analysis, and concrete actions through the Dashboard and the innovative Digital Trace Management.

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Immediately begin creating, modifying, and deleting any combination of business and sale points, specific individual competitors, and even benchmark brand competitors.

Monitor your online positioning, performances, and trends thanks to our KPIs, and compare them with other businesses, competitors, or similar businesses in the area.