Forecast arrivals to make the most strategic decisions and take advantage of the most up-to-date and reliable data on flight searches and bookings.

Get a complete overview of your visitors’ profile data:  origin, purpose, length of stay, booking window, and itinerary. Identify travel trends and predict when and where to target your resources to maximise the ROI.

🆕 We have improved our flight module, offering two distinct datasets pre-filtered by searches and bookings.

Each is split by search/booking day (when passengers have searched for or booked their flight) and travel day (when passengers intend to fly or will fly).

The main advantages of this time division:

  • Per day of the search/booking can, for example, help you, together with local stakeholders, to plan and design targeted marketing campaigns;
  • Per day of travel, they are essential for planning events or creating new experiences and specific travel products.

‼️ With this latest update, we introduce the concept of "rolling views," a feature that allows comparing current data variations against those of the same period in the previous year.

This approach is beneficial when dealing with provisional data, such as future projections. In such instances, comparisons will be made using the provisional data from the previous year, enabling an accurate assessment of trends, for example, in bookings on the same date of the last year. This provides a clear and consistent picture of how things are evolving.


🆕 Flight Searches

A game-changing new section in the Flights module!

Now, you can benefit from a new section focusing on flight searches, and for you to fully leverage it, we split them into two main pre-filtered data sets: by the day of the search, when passengers looked for their flight, and by travel day, when passengers plan to fly.

The key benefits of these new data

Widgets in the Searches section

“Top departure countries”
“Insights into the countries of departure”
"Most Searched Travel Routes"
"Length of Stay"
"One Way vs. Round Trip"
“Top competing destinations per arrival country and city”

Widgets in the Bookings section

How does the "Confirmed Passengers" widget work?
“Top departure countries”
“Insights into the countries of departure”
“Distribution of Passengers Volume”
How does the "Most Booked Travel Routes" widget work?
How does the "One Way vs. Round Trip" widget work?
How does the "Cabin Class" widget work?
How does the "Length of Stay" widget work?
What data are shown in the “Top competing destinations per arrival country and city” widget?

General FAQs

What are the data sources of the flights section?
What are GDSs?
Does the information about flight searches and reservations consider all types of carriers, such as low-cost airlines?
Which period can I analyse?
What filters can I use in the Flights section?