The Survey
The Survey

The Survey

D / AI ESG enhances how businesses manage, improve, and communicate sustainability efforts.

This section's data collection can help feed sustainability budgets, intervene on critical issues, and improve one's performance, thanks to the improvement suggestions.

Start the survey

Click the “Start Questionnaire” button, select the reference year from the drop-down menu and start filling in all the requested data in the three pillars sections: environment, society and governance.


Once the survey is completed, reviewing and verifying the answers is possible before closing it. This operation is irreversible, and any changes or corrections must be requested directly from the platform administrator.


In this section, you will have to answer questions and verify data related to CO2 emissions, water consumption, waste, your overall impact on biodiversity, and the efforts made to compensate for it.



In this section, you must answer questions and verify data related to your social impact, certifications and values.



In this section, you must answer questions and verify data on renewable and virgin materials and plastic consumption used in your production cycle and packaging. These questions also delve into your environment and social-related corporate mission, sustainability-related policies and investment and their impact.


Results, reports and Improvement Indexes

Upon completing the survey, the dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the score report globally and segmented by Environment, Social, and Governance analysis areas, saving you time and effort.


You can also download a detailed PDF report with the executive summary:

  • Your ESG evaluation;
  • Our approach;
  • The company;
  • How to read the report, adopted paradigms included;
  • Total ESG performance, with detailed scores area by area.

Our platform is not just about reporting. It's a precision tool that detects criticalities and risks, meticulously ordering and prioritising them based on their impact on the score and the level of risk. This feature is crucial in empowering you to make informed decisions.


Furthermore, in the Improvement Indexes section, performance evaluations are conducted, providing targeted interventions that can be implemented.