The value of ESG reporting and more

The value of ESG reporting and more

In response to rising investor and community interest, growing organisations have targeted sustainability performance improvements, set ESG goals, and reported on their performance. This has enhanced their reputation, opened doors to new investment opportunities, and fostered a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society.

Now, more than ever, organisations are expected to report their ESG performance. The failure to do so and to take ESG risks seriously could lead to significant negative impacts for firms, from shareholder action at annual general meetings to divestment by asset managers.

The growing importance of ESG means that organisations report their ESG impact using an ever-increasing range of frameworks, now playing a crucial role in guiding companies' ESG disclosures.

What’s an ESG framework?

What are the main ESG frameworks?

How to select the proper framework?

What is an ESG rating?

ISO Standards

UN Sustainable Development Goals