Collect and manage your customers’ reviews from the main digital channels available on the web. D / AI Enterprise helps you to quickly select and analyse the reviews with the most relevant content and lets you reply from within the application without having to leave the page and go to the channel portal.

This module has a replies queue management section in which you can monitor the progress of your replies and check the success or failure of any of them with more information about the error if any.

Supported Channels



Air BnB




Reviews Feed

On the left of the Inbox Section, there is the reviews feed, where you can find all the reviews collected from the available channels you have set up in the

settings section.

Here you can order the reviews by sentiment or by date and you can have a basic first look at each review information.

You can infact analyse some information as, the channel rating, the sentiment insight, the review status and the user to witch the review has been assigned to.

Also, you can use the folders Saved and Archived to better organize your reviews and the way you work with them, so can save or archive any review to reply later or to keep it in sight for later sharing with your colleagues.

To save or archive a review, just click on the three vertical dots over the reply review box and click on of the menu entries “save” or “archive”.



In addition to the ability to sort reviews, you can also filter the ones that are of most interest to you using the filter menu at the top.

There are currently 5 types of filters available:

  • Timeframe
    • you can select the specific timeframe in which the reviews have been received
  • Channel
    • you can select the channel from which the reviews are coming
  • Sentiment level
    • you can select the sentiment level of the reviews
  • Property
    • you can select any of the properties of the company
  • Reply Status
    • you can select any of the 6 statuses in which the review can be found
      • Unreplied: the review has not been replied yet
      • In Queue: the reply has just been sent to the queue for the application background management
      • In Sync: the reply has just been sent to the remote digital channel
      • In Approval: the reply has reached the remote digital channel and is under approval
      • Error: the reply has not been sent due to an error
      • Replied: the review has been correctly replied

Reply box

As already mentioned earlier, you can answer your reviews directly from within the application, if it has been received from one of the available channels (see Supported Channels paragraph).

Also you need to install the D / AI Review Manager chrome extension to enable the answer review box.

Chrome Extension

The first thing you’ll be asked to is to install the D / AI Review Manager Chrome Extension directly from the Chrome Web Store.

The extensions addon system is available only for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, so for answering the reviews you must use one of these two.

First, before answering any review you must log in into your reviews channel business account. This step is mandatory for the D / AI Review Manager to be able to communicate with the channel.

Now that you have installed the D / AI Review Manager and you’re logged in the review channel, in order to respond a review it must be assigned to you. There are two ways for a review to be assigned to you, you can assign it yourself or this can be done by your boss.

The easiest way to assign you the review is to click inside the response box and it will be automatically assigned to you.


After being assigned a review, you can just write your answer and click the Send button.

As you can see in the above image, there are two more buttons you can click: the first one on the left is just a Copy text utility which you can use whenever a channel is not supported for in-app answering so you can write or generate your answer with the GPT (see the next paragraph Chat GPT) application and then copy/paste the reply on the remote channel portal.

Chat GPT

If you want to save some precious time or you just want some help in answering a review in a foreign language, you can just use our Chat GPT integration help.

Just click on the Create reply button, select the desired text length and tone of voice and GPT engine will read the review in background and generate a nice response for you.

You can obviously slightly edit or completely delete the generated response and easily generate a new one if you want to try another response.

After a human check for the automatically generated response, you can just click the Send button and your response will be sent to the channel.

After clicking the Send button you can still check the progress of your reply through the application workflow, until reaching the remote channel and being approved. All of this can be done through the Replies Queue.

Replies Queue

You can find the replies queue on the right menu bar.

It is divided in two sections, In Progress and Errors.

Here is where you can check the replies going through the workflow. Each reply is added to the In Progress queue, then sent to the remote channel, and approved ore refused.


When a reply is refused by the remote channel or encounters another error during the process, it is moved to the Errors section where you can manage the problem.



There are currently 8 error types

Error Type
Error code
Error Message (italian)
Non possiedi i permessi per effettuare questa operazione
Review not found
Non siamo riusciti a trovare la recensione, riprova più tardi o rispondi direttamente dal canale
Review not found
Non siamo riusciti a trovare la recensione, riprova più tardi o rispondi direttamente dal canale
Login error
Non hai eseguito l'accesso al canale o la sessione è scaduta
Network error
Qualcosa è andato storto nell'invio della risposta, riprova più tardi. Se il problema persiste, contattaci
Already replied
È già presente una risposta per questa recensione
Channel error
Non è possibile rispondere a questa recensione secondo le policy del canale. Prova a contattare l'assistenza del canale stesso
Generic error
Si è verificato un errore nella gestione della risposta, riprova più tardi