POI Density Index Scale Explanation

No POI of the chosen categories available in the current geometry.
.01 - 1
Very sparse geometry density, indicating a very low concentration of POIs within the area.
1.01 - 5
Sparse geometry density, reflecting a low concentration of POIs, possibly with minor clusters.
5.01 - 10
Moderate geometry density with irregular distribution, indicating POIs are concentrated in specific parts of the area.
10.01 - 25
Balanced geometry density, showcasing a substantial number of POIs with noticeable peaks in certain locations.
25.01 - 55
High geometry density with a fairly uniform distribution, reflecting a good concentration of POIs throughout the area.
55.01 - 100
Very high geometry density, indicating a strong and consistent presence of POIs across the entire area.
> 100
Extremely high geometry density, showcasing an exceptional concentration of POIs, surpassing typical expectations.

Additional Context:

  • Proprietary Index: This index is a proprietary measurement tool that quantitatively represents the density of geometry in a given area, influenced directly by the concentration of POIs.
  • Uncapped KPI: The index acts as an uncapped Key Performance Indicator (KPI), meaning it has no upper limit, allowing for extensive scalability and adaptability to various contexts and areas.
  • Statistical Foundation: The development of this index is grounded in robust statistical analysis, ensuring a reliable and accurate representation of POIs distribution across uniformly referenced areas.