Review Coverage Index Scale Explanation

No reviews available for the chosen categories of POIs in the current geometry.
.01 - 1
Extremely low review coverage, suggesting very few reviews are associated with the POIs in this area.
1.01 - 5
Low review coverage, with a limited number of reviews contributing to the assessment of the area's POIs.
5.01 - 10
Moderate review coverage, showing a noticeable but uneven distribution of reviews across the POIs.
10.01 - 25
Adequate review coverage, with a significant number of reviews, though there may be fluctuations in distribution.
25.01 - 55
High review coverage, indicating a consistent and plentiful supply of reviews across the POIs.
55.01 - 100
Very high review coverage, showcasing an extensive and uniform distribution of reviews throughout the area.
> 100
Exceptional review coverage, surpassing typical expectations with an extraordinary number of reviews uniformly distributed across all POIs.

Additional Context:

  • Proprietary Index: This index serves as a specialised tool for quantitatively assessing the review coverage of a specific geometry, based on the cumulative count of reviews associated with the POIs within the designated confines.
  • Uncapped KPI: The index functions as an uncapped Key Performance Indicator (KPI), providing a scalable and adaptable measure for evaluating review coverage in various contexts and areas.
  • Statistical Foundation: The creation of this index is rooted in a comprehensive statistical analysis, ensuring a precise and trustworthy representation of the distribution of reviews across uniformly referenced areas.