VAT Matching Service

In all our POI Data Packs information is organised by a unique identifier used to recognise the point of interest: the poi_id field. This field is used as a foreign key to link the different files and/or packages together.

As a customer you might want to complement our information with some data you already own. Provided that you have a list of VAT Identification Numbers we can provide a service to match your list to our poi_id field. In this way you can then establish a clear link between our information and your pre-existing data.

Please note that his service has been currently implemented for Italy and Brazil. If you are interested, please contact us here.

Technical information

Input file

In order to make this match information we do need an input file from your side. This file must be a CSV file with the following requirements:

  • UTF-8 encoding
  • New line delimiter: LF
  • Field delimiter: comma ,
  • Escape character: double quotes

We need the file to contain TINs list as outlined below:

Field Name
VAT Identification Number. Currently supported VATs are: VAT number (Italy) - 11 digits Tax ID (Italy) - 16 digits CNPJ (Brazil) - 14-digit number formatted as XX.XXX.XXX/0001-XX
Please find here a downloadable template
vat_matching_template .csv0.0KB

Output file

As output of this process you will receive a file called VAT Verified Association with fields as defined below:

Field Name
VAT Identification Number value given as input.
Our own unique POI identifier. If no match is detected this field is NULL
A number between 1 and 100 to express our level of confidence in matching the provided VAT with the returned poi_id The higher this number the higher the chance the match is correct. If no match is detected this field is NULL For additional details please refer to FAQs section.

🧐 FAQs

1. How is the Confidence Level Calculated?

The confidence level in our VAT Matcher system is calculated using a comprehensive set of matching rules. These rules are designed to accurately attribute a VAT number to a point of interest by analyzing various data points such as business name, category, phone number, and others. If all these matching rules are met, the system assigns a 100% confidence level, indicating a perfect match. Conversely, if none of the rules are met, the confidence level is set at 0%, reflecting a lack of match. This method ensures a precise and reliable VAT identification process by evaluating each potential match against a robust and detailed rule set.

2. What is the Minimum Acceptable Confidence Threshold?

In our VAT Matcher, we have set a minimum acceptable confidence threshold at 80%. This threshold is established to ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability in the matches we provide. It represents a balanced approach between maintaining a high standard of match quality and capturing a broad range of potential valid identifications. Matches that meet or exceed this 80% threshold are considered to have a high level of confidence and are therefore included in our outputs.

3. How are Cases with Low Confidence Levels Handled?

In the current version of the VAT Matcher, our approach is to include only those matches that have a confidence level above the 80% threshold. This policy is based on our commitment to maintain high standards of accuracy and reliability in the data we provide. By focusing on matches that exceed this threshold, we ensure that our users receive only the most reliable and trustworthy matches. This approach helps in filtering out less certain matches, thereby enhancing the overall quality and dependability of our VAT matching service.