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A document containing the most frequently asked questions we foresee for the new release from an internal pov
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How is this index calculated?

The purpose of this index is to show this information. When we have developed we made the following considerations: we wanted it to move in this direction under these conditions, we wanted to be valid at this level of zoom and we wanted to make sure this condition happened. For these reasons the index is calculated using this method. Please note the actual calculation method is proprietary and should not be shared with the customer directly.

Here’s an example of how you might explain this to the customers:

We have developed this index with the objective of enabling you to achieve this goal. When dealing with data we always make sure it’s both relevant, actual and updated. All our indexes are developed rigorously and tested under a variety of different conditions. Whilst it is impossibile to accurately predict beforehand the behaviour of this index in every possibile scenario we are still confident that the value it represents it’s meaningful and actionable on your side, still we value your feedback and we’ll continue to check the validity of our results as part of our ongoing commitment to quality.
We do not share publicly how indexes are calculated as the exact methodology is subject to constant fine tuning to make sure it’s stays relevant and also we feel like that learning to trust the value of our indexes for what they are is more helpful than trying to reconstruct their inner workings which might be a distraction in this case. The hard work of making sure data is combined in a meaningful way to provide you with actionable insights is the core value we offer.