Brand FAQs

Please note this feature is in beta stage as of September 2023. Some unpredictable behaviours or less-than-perfect data quality is to be expected in the initial phase of this release. Please follow this page for further updates.

In the Contacts & Brand file offered as part of our POI Data Pack we offer a field that identifies the Brand name of a certain POI.

What is a brand?

A brand is defined as the public name of a certain POI that identifies that fact that that POI belongs to a certain Company. This name is usually prominently displayed on the location itself and helps customers identify it Examples of brands that we cover are: McDonald’s, Walmart, Starbucks, Poste Italiane or Coop.

Brands are a useful way to quickly select all POIs belonging to a certain business.

The list of brands we offer is updated frequently to make sure any change is always reflected in our information

How did we select brands?

We selected brands based on the information that is publicly available on map data. We run frequent quality checks and we have established processes to make sure our data is as clean as possibile in terms of actually representing reality.

What Countries do we cover?

We strive to have global coverage starting from brands that have a strong presence in Europe and North America.

If you are requiring a specific Brand-Country combination you can check if we offer it using this list or you can get in touch with us to discuss your needs further.

How many brands do we have listed?

As of September 2023 we have over 20,000 global brands listed.

You can find the most current list here.

How do I know how many POIs are tracked for each brand?

Please note we have grouped brands in tiers based on the number of POIs we have for each.

You can find the most current list of the brands we track here and below a table that defines our tier system.

At the moment we only track brands that are present in at least 50 POIs.
POI Count Range
over 50k
between 25k and 50k
between 10k and 25k
between 5k and 10k
between 1k and 5k
below 1k

What if the brand I want to analyse is not listed?

We are constantly working to add new brands to our database. If the brand you are looking for is not listed we offer a dedicated service here.

What about sub-brands and locations having multiple brands?

It is possibile for the same store to have multiple brands at the same location, at the moment we do not offer this level of detail. The POI in question will be branded with one of the brands they offer. Please note this is an edge case which does not happen very frequently.

We do not, at the moment, offer a second level of information with regards to brands - for example to identify the fact that a certain brand might belong to a bigger group. We are working to continuously improve our data models and you can follow our release log for any potential changes in this respect.