First time using D / AI Destinations

Your first actions with D / AI Destinations? Why not start with a quick analysis of the past and future few months using the “Highlights” module?

You can discover the most relevant KPIs for your destination with a focus on the current situation (last six months) and a preview of the future outlook (next six months)!

This module collects widgets related to the main KPIs monitored to provide an overview of the destination's performance. From each, you can directly access the related internal sections.

Using the COMPARE option

You can delve deeper into each graph and widget, download them and use the COMPARE option to analyse further and understand each data.

You can compare with the same period the previous year, select a custom range among two districts/areas, or even with a chosen benchmark location.

Wondering what each widget in this module means?

Would you like to understand each widget's importance for your management strategy? Check out the dedicated guide and the detailed answers to the relative FAQs.