Planning a marketing campaign

Design and plan target marketing campaigns based on our actionable data. You can, for instance, start by analysing flights bookings and arrivals.

Take advantage of the most up-to-date and reliable data on flight searches, bookings and arrivals.

Do you want to attract specific visitors?

Do your destination and local shareholders want to attract North American and Australian visitors? Delve deeper into their behaviour and check their usual booking window to perfect your strategy and easily reach them. Identify the related travel trends and predict when and where to target your resources to maximise the ROI.

From where are your target visitors flying and when? How long in advance are they booking? In which class are they travelling, with whom, what’s their travel purpose, and how long are they staying? These are just the main questions you can quickly answer thanks to our “Flights” module—essential information to decide when to activate the campaign and best profile your target audience.

Wondering what each widget in this module means?

Do you need help understanding this module’s widgets? Check out the dedicated user guide and read the detailed answers to other users’ FAQs.