Predict demand

Identify hospitality and travel trends up to months in the future, including an occupancy indicator and the average minimum and maximum rates by accommodation type and category.

Predict demand and share insights and detailed reports with local shareholders and stakeholders.

You can delve deeper into each graph and widget, download them and use the COMPARE option to analyse further and understand each data.

You can compare with the same period the previous year, select a custom range and/or compare different districts and areas.

You can also use filters in the OTA Focus section to obtain specific analyses and results and download each by clicking the icon.

Wondering what each widget in this module means?

Would you like to understand each widget's importance for your management strategy? Check out the dedicated guide and the detailed answers to the relative FAQs.

Tailor your report to your exact requirements

Create reports effortlessly and share them with your team, the press, and local tourism stakeholders, involving them in shaping the destination's identity and preserving the environment and culture.

If you need an in-depth data analysis or custom modifications, our domain experts will gladly evaluate a solution that better suits your needs. Tell us how you would like to customise your report and submit the request. We’ll get back to you shortly with a quotation.

Learn more about our reports by checking out the dedicated user guide.