Leading Company Dashboard
Leading Company Dashboard

Leading Company Dashboard

D / AI ESG enhances how businesses manage, improve, and communicate sustainability efforts. Our platform is tailored for companies aiming to understand and significantly improve their sustainability footprint across all critical areas.

The lead environment of the D / AI ESG platform consists of a section dedicated exclusively to the leading company in the value chain, therefore helpful in monitoring the performance of all the subjects involved in terms of environmental, social and governance sustainability.

As a lead company, once logged in, you have access to your supplier management area, where you can perform numerous actions and control information and data in real time.



You have a default credit package included in your license, but you can purchase additional credit packages at any time.

To monitor your credit balance and basic statistical information about how your suppliers use the platform.

Purchased Credits
Credits Used
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Companies upload

To start monitoring the ESG performance of your suppliers, add companies to the list in your management area.

When sending, one credit from those available is deducted and will remain in "Pending Credit" status until the receiving company accepts the invitation.

Invitations have a maximum validity of 30 days, after which they are considered expired, and the invested credits return to the availability of the lead company.

Upload a single company
Upload a list of companies
By adding your company among the suppliers, you can access the Survey and obtain your ESG score, criticalities, and risk analysis.

Tracking progresses

With the supplier management area, you'll find it effortless to track the date the Survey was sent, the companies to which the invitation was sent, and which of them accepted. This straightforward process keeps you in complete control of the Survey's progress.

The status drop-down menu is a powerful tool that allows you to filter by the progress status of the selected company. This functionality enhances your ability to monitor each company's Survey's status efficiently.

Once the Survey is completed, you can access a comprehensive analysis dashboard that displays the score achieved. This feature provides a detailed overview of the supplier's performance, aiding in practical analysis. In addition to the first score analysis, you can download the entire scoring data set relating to your supplier base in CSV format.