Technical Documentation

In this section you are going to find all the definitions for the Location Data Packs we offer. In principle each pack listed below is available as a standalone item or in combination with others. 🗾 All Location packages contain a set of data where the minimum detail is one geometry. The granularity of the Location data is defined by a geospatial standard created by Microsoft and open sourced, called Bing tiles. You can find the documentation here – typically we deliver the data at tile 15 granularity, which means it’s about 1000×1000 meters size but we could reach 150×150 with no extra costs. Each tile corresponds to a geometry 🔑 All Location packages use the geometry_id field as a key to link the different files therefore a basic package that includes the geometry_id is always needed to act as a link between the different data points. This means that the Core Attributes file is always included in all deliveries. 📝 Please note that our system enhances the online visibility of Points of Interest (POIs) by leveraging current digital data. Due to the ever-changing nature of online information, the visibility and details of POIs can vary with each update. This reflects shifts in their online relevance, meaning some locations might not be as prominent at different times based on their digital presence

It may happen that a POI appears solely within the core dataset without accompanying attributes, this indicates its presence in our listings but a lack of sufficient data to generate enriched insights such as trends or rich descriptions. E.g. a bus stop may not have a lot of online contents related, this brings to Core Attributes valued but not Rich Attributes

The general structure of our Location Data Packs is as follows:

Basic Packages

These packages allow you to have a basic list of geometries with potentially some enriched information attached to each individual item.

Package Name
Example Use Case
Fields Definitions
Core Attributes
This file contains basic location information that are useful to perform simple analyses.
Understand how industries are distributed in a defined location
Rich Attributes
This file contains more information around the location such as the Popularity or the Sentiment.
I want to complement my Core data with additional information around the specified location.
Accommodation Focus
Only available for the Hospitality and Short Term Rentals Industry this files adds to each geometry information around the travellers staying in the different establishments.
I want to know the origin of people staying in a certain neighbourhood within the defined location.

Add on Packages

These additional files allow you to complement the geometry information you’ve obtained in the previous iteration with some extra details.

Package Name
Example Use Case
Fields Definitions
Sentiment Trend
This file contains the Sentiment Score of a certain location sampled over time. You can select both how long you want the data to be available in the past and also how frequently you want the data to be sampled.
I want to know how well perceived are neighbourhoods in a certain region. I also want to know if this is increasing over time using data sampled every week for the past 24 months.
Popularity Trend
Similarly this file provides Popularity information of a certain location tracked over time. The Popularity Score here represents a proxy for the number of people visiting the location’s geometries in the unit of time. More info about the Popularity Index here.
I want an estimate of how popular a certain neighbourhood is.
Using a framework of 4 pillars, this set of indexes analyses internal data and external sources to paint a complete picture of your locations's sustainability performance.
I aim to assess the sustainability of a location by analysing both its online representation and real-world data to gauge its environmental status and public perception
Please note that this Add-On is available only for specific countries and for specific area dimension, see ♻️Location Sustainability

Product SKU

To enhance the ease of identification for each Data Pack Product, we use SKUs. Below, you will find the updated list of SKUs specifically for Location Data Packs.

Location Data Pack Product
Location Data Pack Core Information
Location Data Pack Rich Information
Location Data Pack Rich Information including Accommodation Focus information
Location Data Pack Add-ons
Sentiment Trend add on
Popularity Trend add on
Sustainability add on
Location Data Pack Additional Services
Custom Geometries Service

Additional Information

Please find below the links to further resources helpful to understand how our data is organised.

🔢Location Data Fields Definitions🗺️Location Sentiment Trends🍿Location Popularity Trends♻️Location Sustainability