Custom Brands Extraction Service

Our POI Data Packs meticulously organize information using a unique identifier for each point of interest, referred to as the poi_id field. This identifier acts as a foreign key, creating vital connections between various files and packages.

For customers keen on enriching our dataset with their own, we offer a premium service that assembles a bespoke compilation of Points of Interest (POIs), meticulously tailored to encompass any and every brand you might be interested in.

Employing this service guarantees a flawless fusion between our data and your existing dataset, leading to more streamlined data analysis and sharper, insight-driven decision-making that is specifically concentrated on distinct brand insights. This method enhances your data capabilities, ensuring you have the precise tools and information at your disposal to draw well-informed conclusions tailored to your unique business needs.

The Custom Brands Extraction Service is essential for mapping brands that are not currently owned and need to be integrated into our list. This service can also be applied to brands already in our list. The key distinction between the standard service and the Custom Premium service lies in the precision of the process and the human effort invested to ensure a comprehensive and exhaustive set of Points of Interest (POIs) as a result. If you are interested in this service you can contact us ➡️ here! For those interested in brands that are already in our possession, you have also the option to request a POI Data Pack specifically filtered by one or more owned brands. You can explore the list of owned brands here and learn more about the available filter options here.

Technical information

Input file

In order to make this match information we do need an input file from your side. This file must be a CSV file with the following requirements (standard CSV):

  • UTF-8 encoding
  • New line delimiter: LF
  • Field delimiter: comma ,
  • Escape character: double quotes

We need the file to contain brand_name and website list as outlined below:

Field Name
Brand name used for filtering POIs
A JSON structure that encapsulates a list of domain distinct websites. Please note that the evaluation is wholly dependent on the brand name in scenarios where domain information for existing website is not furnished.
["www.amazon.it", "www.amazon.fr", "www.amazon.es"]
Please find here a downloadable template


Upon completion of this process, you will be provided with the POI Data Packs files filtered by the custom brands provided. For your convenience, the technical documentation for POI Data Packs can be accessed here.


The Custom Brands Extraction Service can be requested for Rich Attributes and Add-ons but cannot be requested in addition to Core Attributes only.