Release Notes - Data Packs Location (v1.1.0)

Release Date
12 February 2024

🆕 New Features

Added ♻️ Location Sustainability Add on!

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our platform: a dedicated Location Sustainability Add on, featuring 17 meticulously designed indexes to comprehensively assess the sustainability of locations. This innovative section is crafted to provide a detailed, data-driven examination of how locations perform across various sustainability dimensions, enabling informed decision-making towards a greener future.

Introduction of the Sustainability Section:

  • Destination Sustainability Index: At the heart of this new section is the Destination Sustainability Index, a composite score reflecting a destination's sustainability performance. Based on four foundational pillars — destination management, over-tourism, social and cultural impact, and environmental sustainability — this index ranges from 0 to 100, providing a clear and actionable sustainability rating.

In-depth Pillar Analysis:

  • Destination Management Pillar: This pillar evaluates the destination's management effectiveness, including visitor satisfaction and the balance between tourism demand and supply. It incorporates sub-indexes like Sentiment, Travel Barometer Index, and Seasonal Balance, offering a nuanced perspective on management quality.
  • Over-Tourism Pillar: Focused on the challenges of over-tourism, this pillar examines the pressures on local resources, community satisfaction, and the impact of tourism flows. It integrates indexes such as the Tourism Pressure Index and OTA Intermediary Index to guide strategies for balanced and responsible tourism development.
  • Social and Cultural Impact Pillar: Assessing the impact of tourism on the social fabric and cultural assets of destinations, this pillar includes the Cultural Index and Urban Green Index, among others. It aims to foster inclusive communities and preserve cultural heritage.
  • Environmental Pillar: Prioritizing environmental sustainability, this pillar looks at greenery, pollution levels, and natural surroundings. With indexes like the Nature Coverage Index and Air Quality Index, it supports efforts to enhance environmental health and resilience.


  • Comprehensive Sustainability Insights: Gain a holistic view of your destination's sustainability, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Strategic Decision Support: Use detailed index scores to guide sustainability strategies, initiatives, and investments.
  • Enhanced Destination Appeal: By improving sustainability performance, attract environmentally conscious tourists and stakeholders.

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