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D / AI ESG is our new ESG cloud-based platform, offering a holistic view of sustainability performances and empowering businesses across various industries with evidence-based assessments. Our platform combines advanced data analytics with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to give businesses actionable insights into their environmental, social, and governance practices.
The main strengths of our platform:
  • It's tailored to your company's unique context and industry;
  • It analyses and evaluates sustainability from an environmental, socio-cultural, economic and ethical point of view;
  • It provides assessments of your sustainability-related performances and your suppliers’ through user-friendly scorecards pinpointing your company's sustainable strengths and areas for growth;
  • It comes with a user-friendly reporting system.

Why D / AI ESG?

User Guide

This section will provide helpful information and FAQs about D / AI ESG, our ESG cloud-based platform.

D / AI ESG helps its users manage supply-related risks, enhance transparency thanks to reliable ratings and benchmarks and promote performances, setting higher sustainable standards through our Improvements Indexes feature.

Each module provides insights and actionable tools and data into a specific aspect of your business:Leading Company DashboardLeading Company DashboardSupplier Company DashboardSupplier Company DashboardThe SurveyThe Survey

Release Notes & Useful Resources

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General FAQ

What's D / AI ESG methodology?
How many frameworks does the platform support?
Can I add users who have access to the dashboard?
Can I enter or modify my profile and company info?
Can I change my password?
How can I add my suppliers?
How are companies categorised?
Can I download a final report?
Do you need support on your platform?

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